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Dear Tumblr,

you’ve had your wicked way with us and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it, but now it’s time to head back to the family nest. The prodigal daughter returns… or something!

So, yeah, the Sea Circus blog is moving to the new Sea Circus website. We think the site is pretty damn spanky. Love to hear your thoughts too.

After you’ve had a mooch around, checked out all the artwork and peeked behind all the doors make sure to bookmark the new blog pad here

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mr & mrs brunch

a little while ago, when the month called itself july, we hosted a little day party…

an event for mark and sarah. this is they…

… and this is their cute wee brunch menu…

the crew were mostly from melbourne, so the drinks were mostly coffee-based

but we still found a use for mrs teapot…

the full english looked like a paint palette so i had to snap up the masterpiece

in between courses there was photography

and choreography…

and performances…

and isn’t she just the cutest?

charlie had some prints leftover from christmas so we decided to give out postcards to all of the wedding guests… so that they could write a little note to the mr & mrs to-be

congratulations mr & mrs di iorio

enjoy your happily ever after. love sea circus x


a little sneak peek of our rad 70s party last night… streamer curtain doorways, popcorn & punch, photobooths filled with props, disco balls and boogie dance floors, epic lycra outfts, hairstyles with their own zipcodes, gym socks and short shorts…. and the most beautiful hippy chill out area filled with flowers, bean bags and music. so so incredible! happy birthday ness - you and your crew of family and friends were and are simply beautiful! love! x x x

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…as featured in the yak's 'best 6' fish and chips on the island.

come and try for yourself… best served with an ice cold beer.

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You hear Amanda Fordyce before you see her. This might sound like a strange thing to say about a photographer, but this loud little pocket rocket brings the decibels as well as the pixels to every project she takes on.

She recently mixed a project with Bali and we were lucky enough to steal some of her time and talent away! We completely fell in love with her and her portfolio so wanted to share some of its awesomeness… check this out!

'Family Album'

The Fordyce Christmas takes place on the family farm out in country Australia. It is a conventional Christmas; big family, oddly dressed relatives and too much alcohol. The family photo album is not so conventional.

For the last 3 years Amanda Fordyce has arrived on Christmas day with a big sack of – not presents - but vintage clothing. Younger cousins pick through the wears and with the help of a few bottles of champagne they have a family styling session.

Outside, on the farmland, they shoot with: bikes, dogs, fresh air and familiar intimacy. Through the older cousins’ lens, memories are spilt and created. Every year, as the subjects get older, they grow into their vintage clothes, befriend the camera and become more candid.

The Fordyce Christmas is a conventional one. The ‘family album’ documents the relationships, growth, aspirations, identity and style of its family members.


our favourite pocket rocket photographer - amanda ‘pixels’ fordyce - has sent us in a soundcloud…. an epic playlist of ‘tracks to pretend it’s summer to’. download the soundcloud link, then: get in your car, find an open road, turn up the volume… and the sunshine! LOVE!

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Get your french on and come celebrate all things ‘francais’ this Thursday (Bastille Day) at Sea Circus.

::::::::::::STEVIE G::::::::::::

will be spinning all night and the dancefloor will be HOT!

Bring your best french accent and come wearing:

BLUE, WHITE or RED (human flag)

There will be

- Mini steak frittes canapes from 7PM

- Half price champagne from 7-9

- Prize for the best human flag threesome

FYI - Bastille Day is the French national holiday which is celebrated on 14 July of each year. VIVE LA FRANCE!

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Sea Circus Barista Jam

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Barista Jam

monday 20th june saw sea circus host its very first barista jam. in attendance were an army of roasters [from five senses] and baristas [from some of australia’s best venues]. to set the vibe and get the monday morning pumping we invited our favourite musician to play - the lovely [and english] andy.

jen murray [canada] ran a public cupping session. jen is a highly reputed ‘cupper’ and actively part of the global ‘cup of excellence’ scheme, so we were extremely privileged and excited to have her guiding us through 4 bean varieties: balinese, sumatran, ethiopian and colombian.

befitting the five senses moniker, jen first guided us through the look and feel of the unground beans. each varietal was given 3 cups. then we ceremonially poured the water in…

it was left to stand for a minute before the boys got started on sinking the grinds. next we all took a spitoon and plunged a teaspoon in to start the tasting. jen and shaughan led the way showing us the technique [which was slightly scary to begin with]! it involved loud slurping and sucking up coffee without choking on it, but soon we got the hang of it and could start to really taste the subtleties in notes.

the conoisseur’s favourite was the ethiopian nekisse which was described by jen as the following: ‘distinct berry fruit and citrus character that can border on grapefruity. Vibrant acidity, caramelised mouthfeel and floral aromas are common to Nekisse’

After the cupping it was on to the latte art smackdown. The Melbourne baristas couldn’t help themselves and soon all the roasters and baristas got on the machine to try and claim the latte art crown.

Results coming soon….


Meeting our coffee farmers

last week abbey, melissa and charlie braved pak santosa’s four wheels and took the trip up to kintamani to meet with the farmers that make our delicious coffee.

five senses roasters were already up in the mountains doing their annual ‘harvest trip’ with a crew of master roasters and baristas from some of australia’s best cafes. as well as building a new nursery in bedugul, they were meeting with the kintamani farmers to negotiate and educate on organic processing and the various flavours of coffee.

we were lucky enough to take part in the education and see the process from bean on tree to bean in cup. in case you didn’t know, coffee beans are actually red when they are fruit on the tree.

then comes the production line - taking the redskins off to leave just the green beans

… lots of green beans!

then the beans are heaved and hauled and spread out onto the drying racks

where they dry and harden under the sun

then after they are roasted they turn brown like this…

and then it’s [finally] time to taste. huzzah! five senses hosted a ‘cupping’ session with the farmers so we watched on as shaughan and jen prepped up.

we were lucky enough to get involved and taste 4 different beans: 2 from bali, 1 from sumatra and 1 from colombia.

the farmers got right into it and knew straight away which was their crop during the blind tasting.

the kintamani beans were tasting especially good… which is awesome news for us. the new crop will be in sea circus from august. yeeoooow!

to read all about the five senses harvest trip in detail check out their blog

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the concept was simple. you came wearing the 6 colours of the rubik’s cube and got ready to swap clothes and solve the puzzle by ending up in all one colour. charlie completed it pretty quickly, ending up in a sparkly green rosa bloom number. then the green fairy came out to play, absinthe was taken and the party really got cranking! another corker! for all the photos jump on facebook

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if you wanna do a proper people perve check out our facebook photo album for all the pictures from the night!

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hawaiian beach birthday party

we live in bali, so what else would we want to pick as a birthday party theme than ‘hawaiian’! helen from miss milne, ben from benson and our very own josh share the same birthday so we decided to hold a hawaiian beach birthday party.

the punch was tropical, the food was plentiful and the party [like the swell] was pumping.

there were lay girls giving out frangipani flowers

pineapples and bananas hung from the bar

the drinks lists were written on the back of our surf boards

there was a hammock for chillage,

bean bags and a uke for jammin’

and even a hula hula photobooth

modelled as beautifully as ever by our very own jess

colin - our canadian bartender/photographer got snap happy. sneak peaks from the hawaiian birthday album up next.

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well hello!

like the left at medewi, the june party wave took me for a very long [and awesome] ride and i have only just paddled back to the line up. last month was a whirl of parties, dinners, tastings, visitors, press and shooting stars. phew!

time to catch our breath, put the kettle on and share a few snapshots of what was the month of june… starting with may!

make yourself a cup of ‘the earl’ and come and take a seat on the pink bench in the balinese sky garden to enjoy our latest circus gosssip news

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sneak peek from monday’s barista jam… full story and pegs to come…

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